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Create Hassle-Free Digitized Quilting Patterns in a Snap!

Posted by Betsey Langford

8/14/14 12:27 PM

What to quilt…what to quilt…hours of pouring through downloaded quilting designs for just the right thing. No luck! The perfect design lingers at the edge of the mind, teasing. It would be so simple to doodle it out, but digitizing a design…please! Cut to the fantasy reel playing in my head…my doodle pad transfigures into a computer screen and presto – my scratchings turn to digital magic! If only there was a program that would put such power at my fingertips.

The first time I used the Draw Freehand feature in CreativeStudio 5.0 my fantasy became reality right before my eyes…in an instant I created hassle-free longarm quilting patterns! Here's how...

Step One: Tap the Draw Freehand icon.

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Topics: Pattern Design, Statler, CreativeStudio, Computerized Quilting

Make Summer Memories with your Longarm

Posted by Betsey Langford

8/3/14 10:00 PM

Chase away the summer doldrums with a new tradition for you and the little ones in your life. Supplies needed: Muslin/solid color for top, batting, fun print for backing, lots of fun and funky fabric markers and CHILDREN!!!

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Topics: Handguided Quilting

Gammill Longarm Checkup: Channel Lock Adjustment

Posted by Customer Support

7/11/14 8:34 AM

After removing the head or during a good cleaning, the channel locks need readjustment. Follow these easy steps to reset the channel locks.

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Topics: Longarm Quilting

Make Longarm time PLAY TIME!

Posted by Betsey Langford

6/9/14 10:00 AM

When is practice play? Anytime you want! Join us for a little longarm play time…

First, grab a coloring book. Yes, we said coloring book. Flip through and pick out a page to ‘color.’

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Topics: Handguided practice, Handguided Quilting, Longarm Quilting

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